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YOUR Words for 2015

Wow! What an awesome series we just had! In case you missed it, we have the unique opportunity to partner with the good folks at One Word 365 and host our very own ONE WORD series. Did you miss it? Make sure you check out the articles from the series HERE.

Also, in the middle of the series, we wanted to know what YOUR one words were and you graciously provided some amazing answers. We jotted them down for you, and turned them into wall papers for your phones! Do you like one? Just click it TWICE <– twice is very important. The first time you click it, it’s really grainy. Click it one more time and save it to your phone. Did we miss one? Comment below and we’ll try and make you one. You’re welcome!

Thank you for all of those who contributed to the series, and to those of you who have enjoyed following it. We love you guys – cheers in 2015!

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Occasionally, we like to post articles that we all can get behind. So rather than one author, consider this post from all of us. Enjoy!

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