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What Do I Have to Offer?

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What do I have to offer? Have you ever wondered that?

This question often echoes from the haunted walls in my life. What do I have to offer?

If you’ve read through the pages of scripture it doesn’t take you long to see what people the Lord chose to use – the lowly, outcast, unexpected, inadequate, under qualified, ordinary… do I need to go on? We get it. We can see that God loves using the ordinary to display something extraordinary. I think our nature often desires to feel adequate, qualified, useful, even extraordinary.

“You give them something to eat….we only have five loaves here and two fish…bring them here to me.” Matthew 14:16,17,18

When reading Mathew 14:13-21 I see Jesus have compassion to feed the multitude and the disciples’ inadequacy in what they had to “offer” to feed the people. I think we often view ourselves that way with the needs around us. In the hands of Jesus, He breaks us, uses, blesses, and multiples when we are willing to give and be used. After feeding all the people, not only was the multitude “satisfied” from the disciples’ shortage, but there also was 12 baskets full (one for each disciple) of broken pieces of food. Bring what fish and loaves you have and watch what He will do with your willing obedience and how you walk away filled abundantly in Him.

The reality is I don’t have much to offer in and of
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myself, but I’m willing. I’m willing to step out in faith and discomfort and insecurity and face the accusing claims from the enemy that I don’t have anything to offer.

I’m willing, doesn’t mean I always do. I’m sometimes immobilized by fear or insecurity. My willingness often carries with it the enemy’s accusations, but if I’m willing to go with Him anyway, He shows Himself all the more to me and works through me.

“Cursed by everyone who does not abide by all things written in the Book of the Law, and do them…Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us…so that we might receive the promised Spirit through faith.” Galatians 3:10,13,14

So I embrace the enemy’s accusations and point him to the cross – he’s right – Jesus saves!

I could listen to all the enemy’s accusations against me – that I have nothing to offer, that I’m inadequate, not enough, lack wisdom or gifting, life experience, etc.

Bring what you have.

Offer what you have.

Watch the Good Shepherd break it, bless it, multiple it, and do with it far more than you imagined. He has written your story with great purpose.

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Ashley Brannan


Ashley delights in the Word of God and is passionate about seeing others sink deeply in the truths of scripture for true life change, freedom, healing, reconciliation, fulfillment, purpose, and significance found in Jesus alone. She loves being a part of the church body at The Well Community Church, being a disciple of Jesus and making disciples. She works in the everyday work force, desiring to redeem work and culture with the hope of the Gospel. As an internal processor she loves being out in nature, reading, journaling, instrumental music, all things Fall and clear mug conversations.

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