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What About Mary?

mother son 

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Biblical Womanhood series. Be sure to check out the rest of the series here.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary the mother of Jesus.  Usually I think a little more about her during the Christmas season, but she has been on my mother heart a lot lately.  As we went through the Easter Season this year I wondered what it would have been like to watch her as she watched her son on the cross and wonder if what He said was true. That He would raise up in 3 days.  Did she embrace that hope?  Or did she question it?  As Easter gave way to thinking about Mother’s Day, I wondered what it would have been like to watch her son through his short “human” life.  Did she understand the “fully human, fully God” thing?  Was it as challenging to raise a “perfect Child” as it is to raise a “not-so-perfect” one?  What about His siblings?  Did they have trouble living up to the “perfect” Son?  Was their jealousy?  Did they understand His mission?

Here is this young, virgin girl, pregnant by the Holy Spirit and dealing with all that meant in her society – in any society for that matter.  In this day and age a young girl who claimed pregnancy by the Holy Spirit would be deemed delusional and probably hospitalized!   I wonder if she wondered, “Am I worthy?”  and “Why me?”  What would people think?  Who would believe her?  And what about Joseph?  What would he do?  He would have every right to send her away and not marry her.

When faced with situations that seem like our hearts will break, do we cherish His Word in our heart?

What about having to travel to Bethlehem with her husband who was not really her husband yet, fully pregnant and about to give birth.  In our society we are not allowed to even get on an airplane in our last week of pregnancy but she rode a donkey. And gave birth in what was probably a cave.  We call it a stable and make it look sanitary with clean looking animals gazing on in amazement! And when He was still fairly young she had to flee to Egypt. I wonder what was going on in her mommy heart then?  Fear. Loneliness. Exhaustion.

Fast forward to the day they left Jerusalem when He was 12 years old, thinking He was with them only to find out He was not!  No doubt her heart sank and panic set in! (I think many would know this feeling if you have ever had a time where you could not find your kid) Like any parents would do, they rushed back to find Him and when they did He was calmly teaching the other Rabbi’s in the temple.  I can just hear a sigh of relief and at the same time see anger and frustration with Him.  And He proclaimed that He was about His father’s business.  Knowing what she knew, how does a mother react to that?  Did she really understand what that meant?

Years later, as His ministry began, she watched the crowds follow Him.  I wonder how accessible He was to her?  Did she get any time with Him without others around?  Or did she understand He truly was not her own?   How would I deal with that?  She knew His powers. (Demonstrated first to her and others at a wedding)  She likely heard that He walked on water, knew He healed the sick, watched Him teach.   She knew He had to be about His father’s business. Yes, she knew He was the promised Messiah.  But He was also her first-born Son.

I wonder how she felt when things did not go as she might have thought they would.  She began to hear rumblings that He would die.  That He would then be raised and go back to His heavenly Father.  Did it get easier for her knowing that He was God’s Son so all of this had to be?  Or was her mother’s heart still always on the verge of breaking?  The way my heart breaks when one of my children are facing difficult situations?

How did it feel to watch His last days on earth?  To see Him beaten.  To see Him carry His own cross.  To listen to the hammers.  To watch His agony.  To hear Him tenderly ask John to take care of her.  To see Him breath His last breath? Did knowing He was doing His Father’s will make it any easier?

So what does this have to do with us?

We know that when the angel told her of her pregnancy, Scripture says she pondered it in her heart.  (Luke 1:46-55) I can’t help but wonder if this became habit for her as she raised Jesus Christ, her first-born Son.  Did she really understand that the Son she delivered would, in that moment of death, deliver her and all other believers before and after?

Do we listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit as we navigate motherhood?   Do we ponder the things of God in our heart?  When faced with situations that seem like our hearts will break, do we cherish His Word in our heart?  How can you begin to cherish every situation in your life as ordained by the great I AM?


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Image Credit: Gabriella Pinto, Creative Commons

Darlene Hanson


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