To Move Mountains

In the midst of hate and homicides, body image and pornography, media and culture, it seems like a part of our world is dying. I can almost feel the earth groaning from the maltreatment of her inhabitants.9231275034_6db855c036_h For those of you living under a rock or in a hole, things have gotten a little ugly the last couple months. Certainly nothing new under the sun, but always such great tragedies. We have witnessed some pretty horrible things lately, as a nation, yes, but most importantly as humanity. Heartbreaking events befall our eyes every single day, and though we have a Hope secured in Jesus, our future, we know it won’t get any better here on earth.

And in God’s grace and mercy, the Lord looks down and like a Father, He mourns the wayward child, yet has not turned His head. Even now, God looks at His creation, and in His unfathomable love He says, “I made you, and I love you, and I still have a plan for you.” Judgment will surely come again–it is promised–but right this moment He seeks to continually mend the broken, bring light into darkness, and cause the mountains to tremble all for His glory and renown. And He wants to use us (Matthew 28:19-20). He surely doesn’t need us, but He wants to use us.

In fact, there is a modern-day underground railroad taking place, have you heard?

It’s stirring. A movement. A churning in the soul. Sisters joining sisters–crossing racial boundaries, socio-economic boundaries, denominational boundaries. It seems the light bulb was switched on and it’s spreading like wildfire. It’s a movement from slavery to freedom, from shackles to strength, and I’m seeing it rise up all around me. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors, demographics, and denominations, picking up their stories–however heavy they may be–linking arms, and together stepping forward, whispering, “we’ve got a mountain to move.


It’s a movement from slavery to freedom, from shackles to strength, and I’m seeing it rise up all around me.


Because of Christ’s finished work in all of us who believe, we are seeing women joining each other in the messiness of life, women saving seats at the table for the extra welcomed guest, women sacrificing luxury and lavishness for simplicity and margin, and women devoting themselves to God’s Word like their lives depend on it. Women whose lives beat a steady rhythm of scripture, humility, service, vulnerability, rest, sacrifice, courage, laughter, equality, and tough love. A cadence that I myself am learning how to run.

Can you imagine a sisterhood of strong-willed, opinionated, dynamic, and talented women, all devoted to one another in love, respect, honor, and grace? Women who no longer speak ill of one another, but instead use the penetrating truth of scripture to forever bind the enemy who so desperately seeks to divide us all? Women who no longer place judgments on one another based on color, size, occupation, or class, but instead revere one another as a fellow human–with a heart, a soul, a story–and choose to give grace upon grace. Women who are not afraid to enter in, who speak truth in love, and who seek to point the lost (and saved) to Christ. Can you imagine what mountains we will move together, friends? Mountains of insecurity, pride, inequality, judgment, comparison, injustice, bitterness, and fear. Mountains of shame, anger, disrespect, idolatry and secret sin. Mountains that are simply too high for man to scale, but are reduced to rubble when together we charge the hill in Christ’s name for His glory.


Can you imagine what mountains we will move together, friends?…Mountains that are simply too high for man to scale, but are reduced to rubble when together we charge the hill in Christ’s name.


In response to the freedom we have received from Christ, have you considered your role in this? God has placed you in this generation with unique influence and relationships, how can you steward those? Are you rallying your troops? Are you still sitting on the sidelines? Are you afraid to take the hill? What is it that’s holding you back?

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. No, we are not a generation that shrinks back and is destroyed, but we belong to a sisterhood in Christ who will charge the hills for the sake of His kingdom come on this earth while we still have time–despite opposition, circumstances, failure, and fear.

Friends, if I could encourage you with one thing today, I would tell you this: there has been an awakening, a stirring in the hearts of women across the world. It is a revival, yes, and a revolution. We have been called to partner with God in His story to bring about great change in our world, and it begins with change in your world. I am begging you to join. Do not miss out on what God is doing!

What walls must come down in your life? What resistance do you face and how will you seek God to break past it? How can you create revival in your own world, with your friends, family, and neighbors? What hills are you ready to charge? Do not resist the Spirit’s stirring; it will only delay the inevitable.

We’ve got a mountain to move–are you in?

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Image Credit: dave.see, Creative Commons

Beth Nicoletto


:: Wife | Mother | Writer :: Beth Nicoletto serves as the Co-Founder of Self Talk the Gospel and is passionate about shepherding and challenging others to continually grow in their relationships with the Lord. Most importantly, you must know that Beth will only eat a PB&J if it has potato chips inside. There’s really no other way. You can also find her writing over at www.bethnicoletto.com. She is married to Garrett and they have one daughter, Gia, and a son arriving late November 2015.

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