The Truth About Self Talk and Men


Purpose is an incredibly important thing. Purpose drives people and organizations to do what they do, and often to love what they do at the same time. We at STG find value and purpose in exposing people to Jesus. We believe that Jesus can be found in our stories – both in the victories, and the struggles. And through the courage and vulnerability of men and women to share their stories, we can learn how to become better followers of Christ.

By exposing people to Jesus, we also hope to show our readers the damage of undisciplined self talk, normalizing those crazy thoughts, and then seeking to find what Jesus has said through scripture to apply and combat the lies we believe. This is what drives us, gives us purpose, and causes us to truly love what we do. In no way is this a gendered issue, in fact, we have been so overwhelmed and honored by our male community. We are grateful for the men who have empathized, encouraged, come alongside, and shared with us their journeys through the discipline of 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 and Philippians 4:8.


We look into each others eyes as brothers and sisters in Christ and say to each other, “I will fight for and next to you.”


While it’s no secret that men and women are different and have different struggles, the root of our battles is the same – we are born with God-given needs to be loved, accepted, believed in, and supported and we far too often go to unhealthy or sinful sources to get those needs met. So no, we should not fight this separately. In fact, we are all in this together because the Body of Christ is beautifully diverse, and everyone brings a different perspective to the table – a different opportunity to learn from one another. We look into each others eyes as brothers and sisters in Christ and say to each other, “I will fight for and next to you” and we link arms and head into the battle that is waged in our minds and hearts, fighting for solo-scriptura to be our Truth instead of the enemy’s lies.

November is an exciting month for us at STG as we are graced with some of the most humble men in our (virtual) midst. We are forever grateful as they share with us their stories and journeys of self-talk. They will vulnerably unravel so many similarities to the battles of their kindred sisters in Christ, and will also give a beautiful balance as they are so uniquely different.

We are THRILLED about our second annual men’s series! Stay tuned…



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