The One Way You Can Rejoice In All Seasons

I love the seasons. Each has its own unique quality, but my favorite season of all is Fall. Fall brings wondrous smells of holiday meals, burnt golden-orange leaves falling from the trees, crisp air, rainy days, and yes, Pumpkin Spice 2340293993_c604cef8e1_bLattes! The day that I can tug on my boots, pull on a sweater, and wrap a scarf around my neck is a day that I look forward to all year.

Then there are other seasons that have nothing to do with the change of weather. Some of these seasons may be ones marked by joy, contentment, prosperity, and peace. They leave you feeling refreshed and in awe of the wondrous things our Savior has done.

Some seasons that may not be so enjoyable–seasons of spiritual drought, pain, loneliness, discontentment, and wandering. These are not the seasons we long for or even welcome. Often times these seasons blindside us and leave us asking the question, “Why?”


My soul felt stale and my heart was discontented. I felt like my joy was wilting away.


This last season of my life has been one of those not-so-enjoyable seasons. My soul felt stale and my heart was discontented. I felt like my joy was wilting away. It became easier to hit my snooze button a few more times then get up and start my day with the Lord. Saying “No” had always been difficult for me, but in this season, saying “No” seemed to be all I was doing, even for those things that may have been beneficial for me or to those people closest to me.

It was simpler to just blame my absences on life circumstances like work or school than be honest with those who cared about me. Sin slowly crept in and the worst part was, I was beginning to become numb to the idea that God really cared about me and that His grace was sufficient for me.

Standing in a season like this isn’t easy for someone like me to admit–someone who always wants to put my best foot forward, to show only the put-together side of me. I don’t like to admit I’m hurting because for Heaven’s sake, I can always think of someone whose circumstances are more difficult from my own. I felt like all I needed was to pull myself up by those cute bootstraps and get over it, but I didn’t know how to do it on my own.

I found myself asking, “How can I get my contentment in Christ back? How can I reclaim joy? Is there a way out of this spiritual desert?” As I was checking Instagram one day, one of the many “inspirational” people that I follow posted these words: “REJOICE AND BE GLAD ALL OUR DAYS” from Psalm 90:14. Just a simple set of seven words struck a nerve in me. Rejoice in ALL our days? What if I didn’t want to rejoice? What if I felt like I couldn’t rejoice? What if there wasn’t anything to rejoice about? I immediately grabbed my bible and looked up the passage.

So teach us to number our days
that we may get a heart of wisdom.
Return, O-LORD! How long?
Have pity on your servants!
Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love,
that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.
Psalm 90:12-14

Moses wrote these words when he was in the desert wandering with the Israelites and he understood that God’s unmatchless heart of wisdom was far greater than any circumstance that he (or we) could go through. Moses understood and believed that the moments in the wilderness were ultimately to lead to God’s fulfillment of His promises. Moses’ journey in this season would not be a walk in the park but he chose to pull up his proverbial bootstraps and follow hard after God, even in the desert, even with thousands of others grumbling to him about their circumstances.

REJOICE AND BE GLAD ALL OUR DAYS means that even though I thought I had nothing to rejoice about, I still had the steadfast love of the Lord, and if nothing else, that was worth rejoicing in. This was not a journey that I was meant to take on myself but for the Lord to teach me His wisdom and understanding in this season. God even said Himself that “for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (Ecc.3:1).


But ultimately each season, no matter if we perceive it to be good or bad, tells a story of God’s unlimited grace and love for us.


I am learning to understand this: Seasons tell the story of your life. A story of overcoming pain with healing, sin with freedom, loneliness with companionship. But ultimately each season, no matter if we perceive it to be good or bad, tells a story of God’s unlimited grace and love for us. We may have looked hundreds of times for Him in the season we are going through and never felt like He was there, but take heart, this is all a part of the story He has written for you and for me!

What type of season are you currently going through? Whether good or bad, I challenge you to embrace this season. Wait on the Lord for His perfect timing, for He has uniquely ordained each season to draw us closer to Him.  Remember, seasons come and go with the change of the wind but God’s promises remain true and unwavering.


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Image Credit:  LaMadrilena, Creative Commons

Lisa Bridgen


Lisa Bridgen lives in Clovis and spends her day loving hundreds of high school students as a Teacher Librarian in Fresno Unified. She desires to see women of all ages be women of God and not of the world, to seek His face not the approval of others and to love Jesus and others deeply! She is mildly in love with all things coffee, including having wonderfully deep conversations about Jesus and life while holding a cup! She also has a love of exclamation points and she’s not ashamed of it!!!!

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