STG’s Top 10 Posts of 2014

What a year it has been STG readers! Last month we celebrated STG’s first birthday, and this month we are proud to present our top ten posts of 2014. This has been a year of articles that will make you laugh, articles that will make you cry, and articles that will make you think a little harder. We are so proud of our amazing authors and the tremendous effort they have put into every article, as well as their bravery to bare their souls and share what is really going on in their lives.

STG readers, we thank you for your prayers and support, and we hope that it some way our posts have inspired, captivated, encouraged, convicted, and pushed you in your efforts to follow Christ. Now, take a look at the articles you couldn’t get enough of once again:

. ​When Your Life Becomes a Pinterest Fail
by Molly DeFrank

I was going through an identity crisis and I didn’t even know it until I was disciplined for it. If my hope and identity is in the eternal, if I am properly fixated on loving God and loving people; of going into the world and preaching the good news to all creation (Mark 16:15), I shouldn’t be rattled by the inability to make my pantry look adorable.

​9. ​The “Other Brother” and God’s Grace for the Self-Righteous
by Christina Machuca

When we shift the story of the prodigal son and shine the spotlight onto the other brother, we see a story that tells us much more than the redemption and return of a wayward child. This story shows us the ugliness of pride and self-righteousness. When Jesus hung on the cross he leveled the playing field for both brothers, the sinner and the saint alike.

8. ​Woman 2.0 – Striving for an Upgrade
Whitney Woollard

The gospel comes and shatters all of our pious endeavors to work our way into God’s good graces. It totally demolishes the idea that there could ever be a version of me (or you) that might earn God’s approval.On our best day, there is no version of ourselves that could earn God’s acceptance.

7. Beyond the Surface of Mothering and Womanhood
by Amy Young

I believe we can honor mothers without alienating others. I want women to feel welcome, appreciated, seen, and needed here in our little neck of the body of Christ. Forgive us when we assume that what we see on the surface is all there is to your story.

6. Is My Infertility a Punishment?
by Melissa Danisi

He is not punishing me for my sin, because He’s already taken that punishment. The LORD is not dealing with my sin by making me infertile. He dealt with my sin on the cross.

5. Living With The End in Mind
by Jen Rumley

As believers, we have a hope that others need, and an obligation to share that hope, boasting in what God has done in our lives. God is using our situations, our losses, our trials, our stories to bring LIFE to others.

4. When God Asks You To Walk On Water
by Allie Penner

Would I allow God to use a tragedy in my life to further the gospel? Why are we so afraid to suffer, so afraid to take those great steps of faith? Suffering is biblical. Suffering makes us better, stronger, wiser.

3. The Biblical Woman and Sex
by Jen Bell

It is, and always will be, detrimental and dangerous to expose oneself to desensitizing behaviors and actions that twist and pervert God’s initial intention for sex. God’s plan is that we live a life of purity before Him and others and view sex as a beautiful expression of love within the boundaries of the marriage covenant in order to glorify God, express intimacy, provide comfort, and when possible, bring forth children.

2. Why I Don’t Want Christian Kids
by Michele Slayden

We want a spiritually formed child whose life is on course to follow Christ and grow in their knowledge of the One True God. But we don’t believe sheltering them from everything in the world is the solution either. What we hope for is an obvious contrast in the way we live in our home.

1. Standing at the Intersection of Fear and Faith
by Dorina Gilmore

I am a strong believer that God does not intend any journey to be wasted. I believe every battle with fear puts us at an intersection. We have to choose fear or faith. It’s no coincidence that one of the most common admonitions in the Bible is “do not be afraid” or “fear not.”


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