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Welcome to our Friday Faves! In case you missed it, here is a collection of content we found online this week that we thought you might enjoy. Although we won’t always endorse or agree with everything you see here, we would love to provoke your thoughts. Enjoy!

Is It “Goodbye Evangelicalism” or “We Join You In Your Suffering”
by Thabiti Anyabwile

“Don’t place abortion in opposition to persecuted Christians in Syria or persecuted Christians in Syria in opposition to the Mike Browns. Can not the evangelical heart and mind expand to care about and act against all these things? Should not we risk a bursting heart in order to live a vibrant Christian life? If we can’t, then we should confess and repent of our hypocrisy and partiality, else be done with calling ourselves Christians. True religion cares for widows, orphans and the like.”

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To My White People
by Jennie Allen

“Sometimes we do not hear. We do not listen. We do not understand. We often don’t even try. I scroll the news feeds and see the black hands lifted high. ‘Hands up. Don’t shoot.’ Their hands are raised in defense, in protest of injustice. But all I hear when I see their hands….You don’t hear me.”

Gaining Christ {Philippians 3:7-11}
by Melissa Danisi

“Something changed. While I once had so much freedom to spend my time however I wanted, I realized my time wasn’t my own. I once would spend money on anything and everything I wanted, I realized it wasn’t my money. I lived my life for myself, and realized my life was meant to be lived for Him.”

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A Single Offering 
by Rebecca Faires

“Bad things will surely happen on this earth. It’s a fallen place. But Christ promises that the work of our salvation is already complete. No one will bang on a door to warn Him that we are in danger. There is no danger to our salvation. Christ’s sacrifice makes it complete.”

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From Our Own Site

Why the World Needs More Women to Water the Camels
by Lacy Bartlett

“We continually pour ourselves out for our family, our faith, and our calling, to the point of exhaustion, or worse, numbness. And we forget why it is that we are watering the camels in the first place. But here is the good news…”

{Archives} Why I Don’t Want Christian Kids
by: Michelle Slayden

“Are there areas in your own life where your actions give permissions that your mouth never would? If I want my girls to learn how to apologize to one another and be forgiving, then they need to see a mom that takes responsibility for my actions and apologize as well.”


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