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STG Friday Faves – Vol. 5


Welcome to our Friday Faves! In case you missed it, here is a collection of content we found online this week that we thought you might enjoy. Although we won’t always endorse or agree with everything you see here, we would love to provoke your thoughts. Enjoy!



The Gift of Friendship to Accomplish God’s Work
by Diana Stone

“As women, we often struggle with turning to another in a time of need. We’re told not to be annoying, to go with the flow, to stick it out. Being able to turn to another woman who loves the Lord changes so much in our lives. Whether it’s a commitment to pray for us as mothers or daughters, to encourage us on a job hunt, to stand by us during a hard time in our relationships, to help with something tangible – we need each other.”

Run Your Race
by Shauna Lettellier

“When we compare and compete with other women, we all lose. On the other hand, when we run faithfully toward our own goal — without comparing our path or gear or companions — we’ll eventually finish the race with our confidence intact and the medallion of accomplishment dangling from our neck.”

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Are you the Assassin of Your Own Ideas? 
by John Richmond

“People suffering from hunger, loneliness, disease, abuse, and injustice want more than our excuses. We should not allow the steady cries of the oppressed to be drowned out by the spastic noises of our own busyness and procrastination.”

The Great Challenge Facing All Women 
[ and Why Women Need to Stop Judging Each Other ]
by Ann Voskamp

“The size of your ministry isn’t proof of the success of your ministry. The very Son of God had a ministry to 12. And even one of them abandoned Him. Forget the numbers in your work. Focus on the net value of  your work…Your most meaningful work in the Kingdom of God may not be the big things that you do — but the one little person you love. “

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Why Settle for Deliverance When You Can Be Free
by Beth Nicoletto

“Your abundant life in Christ is beckoning you – it is within your reach. Your idle posture proves you have convinced yourself another can take your place or that you are not worthy, but you are wrong. There is no one else who can take your place and Christ has made you worthy.”

Spectacle or Sacred?
by Raechel Myers

“Girls, how are you pursuing intimacy as the Bride of Christ? Are you intentionally closing the doors, scheduling dates, and setting aside time in order for your relationship to deepen, or are you publicly kissing Him, then living as strangers at home?”

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From Our Own Site:

{This Week} Standing at the Intersection of Fear and Faith
by Dorina Lazo Gilmore

“God does not intend any journey to be wasted. Through my own battles with fear, I have gained some weapons, some tools to use in the future and share with others.”


{Archives} Running and Resting: Maintaining Margin in Your Busy Schedule
by Melissa Danisi

“It is really hard to look to Jesus when every minute of every day is consumed with looking at other things.  If I don’t keep margin to rest, reenergize, disengage, and connect to Jesus, I will not make it to the finish line.”


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