STG Friday Faves- Vol. 13

Welcome to our Friday Faves! In case you missed it, here is a collection of content we found online this week that we thought you might enjoy. Although we won’t always endorse or agree with everything you see here, we would love to provoke your thoughts. Enjoy!


When Your Bible Reading Plan Fails
By Lore Ferguson

“A few ago my bible intake changed from broad to specific. Instead of reading a passage from the Old Testament, a Psalm or Proverb, and a New Testament selection daily, I began to just read the same book repeatedly for weeks. It has transformed my love for the Word.”



Self Talk
By Seth Godin

“There’s no more important criticism than self criticism. There’s no amount of external validation that can undo the constant drone of internal criticism. And negative self talk is hungry for external corroboration. One little voice in the ether that agrees with your internal critic is enough to put you in a tailspin.”

Father Forgive Them
By Kaitlin Wernet

“Maybe you didn’t spend your childhood the same way, but I feel safe in saying that a good majority of us would jump at the opportunity to inject ourselves into our favorite stories. In the simplest of terms, I came to faith the same way.”


By Sarah Bessey

“I never really want to go to church. I just don’t. I’d rather stay home in my jammies and have a lazy Sunday. I like podcasts and books. I have a lot of weirdness about the Church as a whole, too: questions and accusations or frustrations, perhaps. I’m just built that way, some of us are. And I will choose quiet over crowds any day. But every Sunday that I push through that, I never regret it, I’m always to glad I actually got ready and put my children in the car and we went to church to remember that we are the church.”

The Beauty of Giving Away What We’ve Been Given
By Kristen Welch

“As I sat in solitude and listened to the waves hit the rocks, I wondered at what I’d been given. So much. And I asked the hard question: Am I giving it away?”


It’s Tuesday…But Sunday’s Comin’
By Jennifer Dukes Lee

“This was my muddle: I could never figure out why the tomb was empty. I knew what the Bible said, but that didn’t seem a plausible explanation. I used to think it all ended in the cemetery. Even Jesus.”

When God’s Protection Isn’t Pretty
By Cody Andras

“There are times in my life when I’ve known that I was living in disobedience, when I’ve known that I had walked away from God. But this was not one of them. This time, I really had been following Him as best I knew how. I really had been seeking Him.”

From Our Site:

{This Week} Must I love those neighbors, too?
By Molly DeFrank

 “I couldn’t believe it–new neighbors had finally moved into the vacant house next door. Prospective friends! Do they have kids? Do they like board games? Are they awesome? My mind began to run wild with the potential of new BFFs living just a stone’s throw away. But those daydreams came to a screeching halt after a few interactions that struck me as odd: they avoided eye contact, ignored my “hello” waves, and practically ran away from me when I tried to strike up conversation.”

{Archives} What Do I Know of Calvary Love?
By Jen Bell

“Every once in a while a book comes across your path that is powerful and life-changing.  A book that makes you think and ponder and pause, and compels you to act.  Sometimes it might even influence the paradigm from which you view life.  I was exposed to such a book over 20 years ago.”

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