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Grateful is the New Happy

When I hear the term “gratitude,” it sounds so simplistic and underwhelming. But how often is it that the simple practices and professions in life ultimately become the most personal and significant in leading to real life change. Practicing gratitude–as simple as it sounds–is a revolutionary way of thinking, a decision to turn our backs on the lies that keep us harboring bitterness and face the truth: that we are meant to live with joy.


ONE WORD: Follow

As I have pursued the idea of what it means to be a follower in the simplest sense of the word, it has meant saying to my Leader, “not my will, but yours,” while wholeheartedly entering into His direction for my life.I am admonishing each of us to look to our Leader for the unique agenda He has planned for each of us and to sink in to it completely, not looking to the left or to the right. As we run our race, may we also encourage others in their journey and seek to edify each person as ENOUGH.


The Bridges Built by Suffering

I just wonder, what will it take for us to see humanity through His eyes?

When will we rush to love the broken, to cherish the needy, to be inspired to serve not because it’s the “now” thing, and not because of guilt or obligation, but because of a soul-level desire to serve God in a tangible, life-altering way.

woman at church

When God Is With Us – Part One

I know it’s not Christmas, but I can’t stop thinking about those 3 words: God with us.


Christ incarnate

God leaving his holy dwelling, putting on flesh, to dwell among us, to enter in to our mess, our need.

Unlike any other religion, Christianity has a God that is both transcendent and immanent. He is beyond our understanding, beyond our finite thinking, and yet intimately involved in every detail, and with us in every part of our life.

Love Intertwined

Love Intertwined and Inconvenient

I stood in the kitchen and stared at her, shaking my head, nodding, not knowing what to say. I was hoping my look would say it all, but truth be told, I didn’t even know what kind of look to give her. When someone tells you they have an inoperable brain tumor, it’s not exactly a conversation starter. I stared at her and nodded. I furrowed my brow hoping it would show empathy and nodded more. “We’re doing okay, right honey?” she said to her 13-year-old daughter sitting at the kitchen table. Her daughter nodded, slightly smiling, looking as awkward as I felt.

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