Overcoming the Darkness

What an incredible year it’s been! We have simply been in awe of what God has done in and through this community over the last year. We are continually blown away by the stories we receive from you all about how this website has encouraged and challenged you in the Word, offered you support and hope during seasons of struggle, and most importantly, made you feel that you are not alone. Over the last year we have prayed over each contributor and piece written on our site that the Holy Spirit would use our humble means to usher more and more people to the throne of grace and He has done just that.

Over the last year we have realized the tremendous need for tools and support to combat the lies that prevent us from living fully in Christ. In seeing your responses to the articles on our site and watching the continual growth from week to week, we wanted to create a resource to equip our community for battle. While planning this 1 year “birthday celebration” we really wanted to bless you guys with something incredibly valuable, not only to help guide you through your own battles, but also to simply say thank you for blessing us in tremendous ways! In an effort to do so, over the last several months we have spent some serious time and energy preparing a fabulous gift for you. Consider this a labor of love and sincere thanks for your gracious support.

We are excited and humbled to announce the release of our very first (and quite awesome) STG ebook, Overcoming the Darkness: how to combat the lies that prevent you from living fully in Christ!!

Not only that, but for a limited time, we’re giving it away for FREE! To receive your free copy, simply click the banner below.

Our prayer for this ebook is that it will meet you wherever you are. That it would be a book of light to those who have been struggling in darkness for far too long. A place to find stories of souls once stuck in tragedy, brought to triumph by the renewing of the mind through His Word, which draws us closer to Him. The power of God’s Word will inevitably change lives, and we pray as you read these words you will experience a journey of transformation as you learn to battle the lies we all fight, by preaching the Gospel to yourself, everyday.

In prayer for you,

Your STG Team


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