Darlene Hanson

hansonI have fond memories of being raised in a Christian home although I struggled as a young adult with the legalistic and rules oriented church that was typical of the time I grew up in.  It was not until I began earnestly studying scriptures in Bible Study Fellowship that I began to understand that my heart had to be fully submitted to Christ and that no amount of good behavior (works) or looking the part would earn me favor with God and thus salvation.  Although I had put my faith in Christ at an early age, it was amazing to understand that salvation is in Christ alone and that no bad deeds could cause me to lose my salvation just as no good deeds could earn me my favor with God and salvation.  Freedom in Christ has changed my life!  I have had the privilege of continuing my studies and growth at The Well Community Church and through its Residency and Academy Programs as well as Life Groups.

I was born in California but lived in several states through the years including California, Nebraska, Hawaii, Oregon, and back to California where I have lived for the past 39 years.  I began high school while we lived in Oregon on a ranch in the middle of nowhere so I chose to go to a Christian boarding school in the Santa Cruz, California area. This means I left at age 14 and returned home for holidays and 8 weeks in the summer all through high school until I graduated and started nursing school.  My parents were amazing as they came to visit my two sisters and me frequently in between the holidays!

I am a registered nurse, but at present do not work in hospitals any more.  Instead, I use my license and education to serve in medical missions.  I have been married for 33 years and my husband Eric and I have two grown daughters (and several “adopted” kids including AP, Jon, Trevor, and Doug) who have graced our home over the years.   Allie, our youngest is married to Jesse and they have two children, Jed & Riley.  Lauren, our oldest daughter is married to DJ and they moved to Fresno last year!  My husband Eric and I have lived in Fresno for the past 26 years. Having our grand children close and being able to hang out with them several times a week is one of our greatest joys!  My husband and I also love to travel and learn about the history and culture of different places in the world.

I have several areas of “holy discontent” and have had the privilege serving within those passions.  I love to take yearly mission trips with my husband to the Hill Tribe Villages in Northern Thailand with Integrated Tribal Development Program, helping to build clean water systems, providing educational support and medical services to the Karen and other tribal people.  I also love working with college-age and young professionals.  I love serving beside my husband, (along with a team of doctors) for the Fresno State Athletic Programs, providing medical care for student athletes.  We host monthly Fellowship of Student Athletes leadership meetings in our home.  This love of young people has opened the door for great relationships with many young ladies and it continues to be a great joy in my life to mentor and disciple young women!

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