Living an Accidental Life


If you saw my calendar right now you might mistake it for a rainbow that threw up on my computer screen. I love to plan and organize and set goals and overall I would say those things are a positive side to my personality. But the positive could easily turn negative.

I can organize my life down to the minute, and live happily each day doing what tasks I’ve already lined out for myself…sometimes they are fun activities for the kiddos, sometimes routine life chores like laundry, but it’s scheduled – it’s all scheduled. It’s not entirely a bad thing, but what caught me off guard was how many of my events were “reoccurring.” Each day or week they pop up and I do them. I was living an accidental life. Where was the intentionality? Without seeking the Lord daily on what He might have for me, I checked my calendar for what I had already scheduled. Days, weeks, and at times, even months, were going by that I was just doing life.

I was living an accidental life. Where was the intentionality?

You may not identify with a minute-by-minute scheduled life – you might even be the opposite, but I don’t think I’m alone in living an accidental life. Life is demanding, and you throw in a spouse, kids, a job, etc. and there isn’t a lot of life left for you to plan out – you are barely keeping up with just the daily needs.

But what if God has called us to more? And what if we are missing opportunities?

I have been convicted as I have read through Colossians recently, and have

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focused on verse 5 in Chapter 4, “Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity.” Wow. How many opportunities do I not make the most of, and actually fail to see altogether because life gets in the way? Wisdom comes from seeking the Lord so that has to be the priority (and as any good type A personality, of course I have that in my schedule too) but I’m not convinced seeking the Lord can be scheduled. It has to be moment by moment so that opportunities are not missed.

As a mom with little ones who have not yet placed their faith in Christ I was doubly convicted. I am living with “outsiders.” And if you were to ask me if I desire for my kids to know Christ I would tell you that the desire runs painfully deep. It’s the prayer I say when I walk in their rooms at night while they are sleeping. It’s the longing I feel in my soul. And if I could schedule every day the perfect thing to help them see Jesus just a little more, it would have it’s own color on my calendar. But I would still miss opportunities. Each day is a million sets of opportunities to show my little “outsiders” Christ. I want them to see my failures and how Christ redeems them, and see my successes and realize that Christ created them. I want them to see Christ in everything we do and that every moment is an opportunity to point to Him.

I can rest in knowing that the beauty of the Christian life is that we are called to live an intentional life pointing to Christ, but that Christ redeems opportunities when we fall short.

I will not accidentally make the most of opportunities, with my kids or with anyone else. As Paul first writes, “conduct yourselves with wisdom…” What a gift that we have the Holy Spirit alive in us, and wisdom imparted to us to seize opportunities. And beyond that, what gift we have in grace. “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption that is Christ Jesus” Romans 3:23-24. Thank you Jesus for filling in the gaps. I can rest in knowing that the beauty of the Christian life is that we are called to live an intentional life pointing to Christ, but that Christ redeems opportunities when we fall short.

Are you intentionally living out each moment of each day, seeking wisdom as you move from task to task? I encourage you to pause. Re-evaluate and look for areas that you can become more intentional. You will not oops your life into a Christ-centered one.

Maybe you identify with me and need to relax the calendar a bit and look for ways to be aware of God moving. Or maybe you’re the opposite and have no schedule whatsoever and could use a little more structure to bring you back to focus. Regardless, I encourage you to do life intentionally. Make moments matter, seek the wisdom of God, and seize opportunities.


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Katrina Sherfield


Katrina is from Clovis, Ca and her primary job is being a wife (of almost 10 years) and mommy to a young girl and even younger boy. She also has the pleasure of being on staff part-time at The Well Community Church, where she serves administratively as her two passions collide (helping people see Jesus & organizing). If completing checklists could be considered a hobby it would be hers, and close behind would be helping people find freedom from anxiety (which she suffered from for many years) and financial freedom (just another one of her strange hobbies). She usually writes blog posts in her head but is looking forward to putting more of them down on paper, to hopefully encourage others as she processes life.

  • J.W. Richmond

    Your first line about a rainbow throwing up had me hooked. That you usually write blog posts in your head has me wanting to know so much more. I appreciate your perspective and your passion.

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