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Just Choose One Word

We let the research stand for itself.


Only 8 percent of people who make resolutions in the beginning of the year are successful in achieving them. 8 percent! Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.12.46 PMThat means that the other 92% of the people who DO make resolutions either have infrequent success or completely fail. Not sure about you but those don’t sound like very good odds to us. That’s why we were absolutely thrilled to stumble upon the good folks at One Word 365 and were introduced to the concept of choosing one word.

Like a North Star, choosing one word for the year helps guide you along your way and keeps things short and simple. One word reminds you of what you wanted out of your year, what you hoped for, and how you wanted to live. It’s something you can start with at the beginning of your day and something you can return to each and every night. It can even drive your thoughts and actions during your day.

Some people take this word choosing very seriously and sit before the Lord in prayer and silence, asking Him to reveal what He has in store for the year, others stumble upon their word in scripture, or conversation with a friend, or while doing dishes, still while others have done nothing and said that their words have found them. Regardless of how they’re chosen, we invite you to reflect on the upcoming year. What do you want out of this year? How do you want to live? If you could choose one word to be your North Star this year, what word would you choose?

Need help finding a word? Check out One Word 365 and join the thousands of tribes around the world! Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter using the hashtag #oneword365 and let us know too!

We don’t do New Year’s Resolutions here. Instead, we just choose one word. Join us this year!

What’s your word for 2016?


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