How Imperfect Women Can Battle Perfectionism

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Escalating thoughts, replaying conversations over and over again in my head, ruminating on others and their opinions of me, and desperately wanting to be seen for what I do. The performance trap haunted me for a very long time and lead to emotional and spiritual exhaustion. I thought I was seeking godliness, when in reality I was trying to be perfect.

Perfectionism is a deceitful goal. Clothed in what looks like selflessness, service, and glory to God and others, its motives are quite the opposite.

God grabbed a hold of me through the powerful truth of His Word and some honest friends. He began a process of exposing my prideful motivations. This is my story of what God has done to change my heart and surrender the self-serving need to please others.


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Michele Slayden


Michele Slayden lives in Clovis, but is a native Texan (with the accent to prove it!) She currently works as the bookkeeper for her husband’s non-profit, Off The Front, which reaches underprivileged kids in the Fresno/Clovis area. She is a dedicated wife and mom to three girls, Madison, Cali, and Ella. God has brought her through many challenges but none of which she would trade for anything. She loves investing in others and watching them grow in their understanding of The One True God. Michele loves coffee and great conversation, spending time with family and friends, cycling, reading, writing, and laughing!

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