Self Image


A Letter To My Daughter

Never forget that you have worth and value not because of what you look like or even because of what you do with your life (because that will constantly change), but because you are God’s daughter, His precious one.


Honoring your Body

God sees you as perfection by the covering of His son. Not as a waist size, not as a number on the scale. And He gifts us with His power, the power that raised Christ from the dead! He enables us to win every battle (spiritual, mental, physical) over our bodies.


Trusting in the God Who Chose Me

God began revealing a new message to me. He was using the same words, but they meant something entirely different. Those words were no longer about me choosing Him, but about the fact that He had already chosen me and I needed to accept my title as “Chosen.”


Taking Back My Thought Life

am fiercely introverted. I often find myself drifting to the corners of my mind – pondering ideas, meditating on scripture, revisiting conversations, and making observations. I also delight in creating engaging lesson plans, dreaming up dinner menus, and planning weekends with loved ones. These are good things. But my mind can also be a place…


When Jesus Stood Up For Me

Jesus was speaking to me and my value as a woman. Jesus used these words to look me in the soul and say, “I value you. You are a delight to me. I look at you with adoring eyes. Come here and stop striving.”

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