Amy Chambers- Wait

One Word: Wait

The world asks me, “What are you waiting for?”  Implying that I am the one that needs to make things happen, and get things the way I like them.  Do what I want, when I want, and get results, fast.  But my God asks me, “No Amy, WHO are you waiting on?”


How to Walk in the Freedom of Christ

What she was saying was that there was no shame, and those thoughts of fear have been paid for by Jesus. But, He also wants not just forgiveness for our hearts and minds but freedom by turning and walking in a new direction. His desire for us is peace and abundant life.


What If I Make the Wrong Decision?

But then I think there is irrational fear. Fear that is overwhelming and keeps us from living our lives, that leaves us feeling suffocated. And I just can’t help but think that when we succumb to the power of this fear that we lose all opportunity to honor God. When the fear of failure is stronger than our faith, or the fear of the unknown outweighs our hope in Him, who wins?


But God…Why?

Oh how I desire to come before the Lord, humbly submitted and poor in spirit, but in the wake of loss I was stuck in the cycle of searching for the “Why” of it all. I was grasping for some sort of control and wanted my God to show up and explain himself. But where did that lead me? Absolutely nowhere.

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