Spiritual Disciplines

Bible Study

Why We Read Our Bibles {Bible Study}

I needed God in those Bible study moments to soften me to see the WHO and not the WHAT from those chapters. In the end, I felt so encouraged to see that God is continually revealing Himself to us through His Word, and helping us to know Him in deeper ways.


To Utter Praise In Suffering {Praise}

We are called to praise throughout the Scriptures and this is not limited to one kind of praise. Singing worship on a Sunday morning is great, but our praise of God should never end there. Praise is not a moment in time. And it’s not a spiritual gift that only a select few participate in. Scripture tells us to “let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord” (Psalm 150:6). When we praise, we are simply ascribing worth to God. Praise is an attitude of the heart, and should be like a sweet fragrance that oozes from our pores.


Why Living Simply is Simply Living {Simplicity}

Over the last couple of years, the Lord has been simplifying my life through various circumstances, some out of necessity and some out of choice. On a journey towards financial freedom, we made one car work for over a year, we sold our home and moved to a small, one bathroom farmhouse, and we said no to more things than we said yes to.


A New Kind Of Conversation {Confession}

Confession is often our practice of admitting sin to God or to each other, which is what freaks us out. But it isn’t just that. Confession is telling the truth…which also freaks us out. Some truths are easy to tell, while others are scary. And telling the truth isn’t always about revealing sin. Sometimes it is just speaking honestly about how we feel, or admitting that we don’t “have it all together,” or that we just aren’t sure what God’s up to–or if He’s up to anything at all.


The Sounds of Silence {Silence}

Silence isn’t like going to a vending machine and knowing what you’re going to get if you put in your time and press D3 or B5 and out pops the candy bar or soda you selected. One day God talked with me about the trinity. Another I had a picture of taller stick figure walking with a shorter one and knew it was God and me.

It wasn’t all theologically deep and rich. One day I said, “I’m listening” and God said, “That’s good.” And we sat there.


Writing Treasure on Your Heart {Bible Study}

Scripture memory, to put it candidly, is a matter of discipline, choice, and perseverance. Our minds will be full of SOMEthing. What is that something going to be for you? Lady Gaga lyrics? Sports stats? Maybe even a tad more concerning, all the names and info involving the latest bachelors or bachelorettes…?


Cultivating A Love That Lasts

It doesn’t take much does it? A few days here and there, a stressful circumstance or two, a marriage gone bad, a job lost, a busy season…most of the time it happens so quickly we don’t even realize the gravity of it until all hell breaks loose and we are not prepared for battle.

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