Spiritual Disciplines


Hearing God’s Voice {Bible Study}

Doing your Bible study like a “good little Christian” will never draw you near to God. The truth is, there aren’t enough Bible studies in the world to atone for your sin. The only work that can make you acceptable before the Father is the work of His Son Jesus.


With a Pure Heart {Giving}

Giving is a way of life, not a checklist.

When we understand the truth of HIS love for us, we are compelled to be generous and cheerful givers. We give as a thank offering to God; the motivation is to glorify God and make him well known.


Exposing Darkness to Light {Confession}

Fear is a big deal in my life. Being fully known by God, my wife, and others terrifies me. What if they see all my darkness and reject me? But over the last three years of walking in ongoing light through confession with the Lord, my wife, and others, I have learned that I can experience true fellowship and deeper understanding. When I am real with Jesus, He reminds me that His blood, not my goodness, has covered me. He loves me, not some future better version of me.


Living The Ultimate Life {Worship}

What I want to ingrain in my mind is the idea that worshipping my Father is a part of everything I say and do. Whether on a beach, laughing it up with my family, buying a new outfit at a store, having dinner with friends, or talking about the day that didn’t go so well at school, God is uniquely a part of all of these if I invite Him. All desires, enjoyment, freedoms, choices, and how I spend my time ultimately go back to Him.


The Fight Against Discontentment {Thanksgiving}

To live a life aware of God and all he has given you, even in the hard times, is a place I long to be. Free from bondage with eyes fixed on Him, serving and loving those around me, and prepared for the battle that Satan sets before me, knowing full well I am equipped with the armor of God.


A Humbling of the Soul {Fasting}

Fasting can be and should be a part of our developed relationship with God as well. It is a gift given to us by our Heavenly Father and allows us an opportunity to set aside things that can easily entrap us and fix our eyes on the one who sustains us. What would be the value of fasting for you? What do you think that fasting would start to produce in you?


The Wrestling for Silence {Prayer}

The simple prayer of silence means a naked intent of desire stretching out towards God. It is not a prayer of petition, but rather the practice of sitting in His presence; embracing and worshipping God for who He is alone, for his own sake, not for what gifts He has to offer. It is simply a desire for God and for loving God alone because He is a God of love. In my practice of this form of prayer, I have discovered it to be the most powerful prayer of all.


Vulnerable Before the Throne {Solitude}

Like most of our culture, I am hyper-sensitive to stimuli. If I am not highly stimulated I cannot function. To sit alone in silence requires discomfort…Yet we forget that God often speaks in the silence, solitude, and the waiting.


The Sanctity of Rest {Sabbath}

I am usually running full blast and need a Sabbath Rest to focus and “Be still and know that I am God.” (Ps 46:10) What about you? Do you Sabbath? Do you intentionally plan restful/worshipful days?


A Life Full of Thanks {Thanksgiving}

When practiced, gratitude uplifts the individual expressing thanks and the person who receives the gift of thanks. I deeply believe this flow-on effect has power to create bonds, strengthen relationships, and promote peace and joy. I am forever changed by the power of thanks.

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