How to Walk in the Freedom of Christ

What she was saying was that there was no shame, and those thoughts of fear have been paid for by Jesus. But, He also wants not just forgiveness for our hearts and minds but freedom by turning and walking in a new direction. His desire for us is peace and abundant life.

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Are You Sleeping On Buried Treasure?

In the spiritual realm, are we not so often playing paupers, with God’s limitless treasure reserve resting within arm’s reach? We thirst for attention and acceptance from others while God’s ocean of adoration surges just steps from our toes.


Keeping Faith While In Despair

Finally. A lover of wisdom and member of the Christian faith who could tell me that the authenticity of my faith didn’t depend on how I felt before I went to bed at night, or how I felt during worship at church. That my choosing faith is what mattered, as opposed to depending on whether or not I felt like I had faith.

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