A Marriage of Perseverance

Everything probably looked pretty normal from the outside, but inwardly I was beginning to play a pretend game that everything was okay, when I was actually falling apart. At some point, the newness of anything wears off and the reality of where you are suddenly looks very different from what it appears to be at the beginning.


When I Can’t Self-Talk the Gospel

There is great power when a believer comes alongside a sister in her unbelief and speaks the truth in love…Christians–we need this! Despite our individualistic instincts we need the community of faith speaking truth and grace into our hearts when we can’t speak it ourselves.


ONE WORD: Flourish

Words matter. The words we speak and the words we think about ourselves and others can bring life or death. They can stifle and steal, or they can nourish and nurture. Do I speak life?


Living A Three Strand Life

What if three-stranded lives are not quickly broken? What if part of the good news of the gospel is that we don’t have to be all things to all people? But we do need to be a few things? I know I’m invigorated when part of what I’m doing is purposeful.rope

What if a three-stranded life consists of these strands: the macro, the micro, and the daily details.


Breaking the Chains of Unforgiveness

When we take a long, hard look at what the Bible says about forgiveness, it messes with our rights, our emotions, our temptation to hold on to anger, and our victim mentality. Suddenly, our if’s, and’s, and but’s are reduced to excuses in the face of a Father who forgave us in all of our own versions of betrayal and wrongdoing.


Overcoming the Darkness

While planning this 1 year “birthday celebration” we really wanted to bless you guys with something incredibly valuable, not only to help guide you through your own battles, but also to simply say thank you for blessing us in tremendous ways! In an effort to do so, over the last several months we have spent some serious time and energy preparing a fabulous gift for you. Consider this a labor of love and sincere thanks for your gracious support.

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God’s “Little” Grace in Our Failures

So my wife and I were arguing. I had just spilt a little coffee on the computer because I am clumsy and was stealing my wife’s coffee (who is not clumsy) as she was doing some work on the computer. In my preeminence as a husband, I took this as an opportunity to ask her to put a lid on drinks if they are near the computer (yep, I actually tried to pull that one off). Then it was ON.


The Subtlety and Danger of Spiritual Drift

I was making decisions way outside my comfort zone, felt pretty incompetent to be honest, and wasn’t very certain I was making the right decisions. I was under immense pressure and that week I still had to teach, which I love to do, but was honestly the last thing I wanted to do. I really just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.


When God Is With Us – Part Two

If God chose to make Himself known to mankind by putting on flesh and dwelling with us, doesn’t it only make sense that we, in turn, would make him known to others in a similar fashion?

Dwelling among, being WITH others?

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