The Greatest Gift of Love

This year we will be celebrating 10 years of marriage. Ten years of ups and downs, growing up together, and growing closer to each other. Ten years of memories, inside jokes, new things, hard things, selling things, moving away, moving home, job changes, arguments, encouragements, master’s degrees, empty rooms, unfulfilled dreams, and more.


Looming Transitions In Life {and a giveaway!}

Even if you never move further than up or down your block, we all live lives of transitions. I love to hear the back-stories on books or movies. This week Looming Transitions: starting and finishing well in cross-cultural service, a labor of love by me, was published.


The Disease To Please

There are lots of good yeses, some great yeses, but God has created you for a purpose that’s unique to you—that’s your best yes. My biggest takeaway from this book is understanding that not every yes is my yes.


Can My Past Help Shape Your Future?

As sisters in Christ, isn’t there power in sharing our stories with one another? Isn’t God glorified when we share our journeys of redemption with those that are still looking for freedom? Yes, boldness and massive amounts of vulnerability are required to share your past struggles with present listeners, but there is grace and freedom that comes with your words.

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