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be you, creatively

Be You, Creatively 

This is the difficulty. We learn to edit. We start to look around and compare. We recognize other great artists, and we feel the weight of expectations. We squelch the creative for the practical.

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How to Help the Broken

In our brokenness, we often feel unseen, unloved, unwanted by God and others. I realized all this planted needed was a couple of stakes to help it stand, some nourishment, and to be brought into the light. So it is with those who might be hiding in pain around us, or you yourself.


Trusting the Pilot During Turbulent Times

As I’ve gotten older, the awareness of my mortality and the ridiculousness of this tin machine in unpredictable skies has only served to increase my wariness. I am acutely aware of my need for security in something, in Someone, greater than myself and this flying metal contraption.


The Greatest Gift of Love

This year we will be celebrating 10 years of marriage. Ten years of ups and downs, growing up together, and growing closer to each other. Ten years of memories, inside jokes, new things, hard things, selling things, moving away, moving home, job changes, arguments, encouragements, master’s degrees, empty rooms, unfulfilled dreams, and more.


Looming Transitions In Life {and a giveaway!}

Even if you never move further than up or down your block, we all live lives of transitions. I love to hear the back-stories on books or movies. This week Looming Transitions: starting and finishing well in cross-cultural service, a labor of love by me, was published.


One Word: With

I thought this year would be one of DOING much for the Kingdom, of discovering “what’s next” in ministry, and yet the Lord is reminding me to focus on BEING with Him.

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