The Greatest Gift of Love

This year we will be celebrating 10 years of marriage. Ten years of ups and downs, growing up together, and growing closer to each other. Ten years of memories, inside jokes, new things, hard things, selling things, moving away, moving home, job changes, arguments, encouragements, master’s degrees, empty rooms, unfulfilled dreams, and more.


One Word: With

I thought this year would be one of DOING much for the Kingdom, of discovering “what’s next” in ministry, and yet the Lord is reminding me to focus on BEING with Him.

Amy Chambers- Wait

One Word: Wait

The world asks me, “What are you waiting for?”  Implying that I am the one that needs to make things happen, and get things the way I like them.  Do what I want, when I want, and get results, fast.  But my God asks me, “No Amy, WHO are you waiting on?”


One Word: Shalom

God cares about urban decay and slum housing. Shalom invites me into genuine sacrifice, relationship, and advocacy. Shalom says my neighbors’ burdens and concerns are my own.


STG’s Top 10 Posts of 2015

is proud to present our top ten posts of 2015!  We want to thank you for coming along-side of us in sharing our journeys in Christ together.  Through each brave, heartfelt testimony of our authors it is our genuine hope and prayer that  we move closer in our relationship to Christ, becoming image bearers of Our…

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