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What does Self Talk have to do with Human Trafficking?

We believe that if we rescue one girl from human trafficking, we will be opening up a spot for other girls to be victimized. So, slowly, we are developing relationships with brothel owners and offering employment if they shut down their business as usual and reopen their business as a handicraft co-op.


Can My Past Help Shape Your Future?

As sisters in Christ, isn’t there power in sharing our stories with one another? Isn’t God glorified when we share our journeys of redemption with those that are still looking for freedom? Yes, boldness and massive amounts of vulnerability are required to share your past struggles with present listeners, but there is grace and freedom that comes with your words.


Seeing Beyond the Pigeonhole

What if we resisted the urge to pigeonhole people and we didn’t use our go-to characters, our familiar illustrations, our well-worn paths? What if we did look at David’s parenting skills, not with an eye for what-not-to-do, but for what to do. Or Ruth and how she used her sexuality in such a way it ended up in the Bible, sanctioned by God. It’s easy to put certain people on pedestals and knock others off. Caricatures are cheap; really understanding someone’s character takes effort.


The Consequences of Spiritual Autopilot

I liked the discipline of the rule and what it afforded me—the opportunity to be on spiritual autopilot instead of searching my heart and evaluating the “why.” The rule removed me from seeking the Lord and navigating what I know it means to walk in the Spirit. My dependence rested on a rule instead of my God, who wants me to weigh a situation and ask Him if I am making the best choice.


When I Can’t Self-Talk the Gospel

There is great power when a believer comes alongside a sister in her unbelief and speaks the truth in love…Christians–we need this! Despite our individualistic instincts we need the community of faith speaking truth and grace into our hearts when we can’t speak it ourselves.



The disciples were so focused on what Jesus asked them to do, that they almost missed Jesus Himself! How many of us are so focused on reading the new study, engaging in new relationships, serving the less fortunate (which are all things Jesus might be asking us to do), yet we miss Jesus entirely?

When Grace Is For Everyone Else But You

When Grace Is For Everyone Else But You

I have struggled with the lie of grace avoidance. It’s a lie that says I am beyond God’s grace. And it’s an odd struggle in some ways, because from an early age, I could recite the passage in Ephesians 2:8 that says, “For by grace you have been saved through faith.” But I was missing the heart behind this truth.

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