Articles by Sunny Yingling

Sunny earned her B.S. degree from Biola University in Physical Education in 2002 and her Masters Degree in Nutrition Science at San Jose State University, followed by a year of a dietetic internship with CSU Fresno. She has been providing outpatient nutrition counseling since becoming a registered dietitian, and specializes in sports nutrition, weight management, and eating disorders. She loves that her job provides a unique opportunity to serve Jesus and appreciates the emotional and spiritual changes that accompany the physical changes her clients achieve. Sunny works part-time in private practice so she can spend plenty of time as “mom.” She also enjoys working with the media and doing public speaking to correct the false nutrition messages that are so prevalent today. While running is not her favorite activity, she has been consistently running since 2008 as a way to stay healthy and participate in exercise with her husband.


Honoring your Body

God sees you as perfection by the covering of His son. Not as a waist size, not as a number on the scale. And He gifts us with His power, the power that raised Christ from the dead! He enables us to win every battle (spiritual, mental, physical) over our bodies.

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