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Sarah Welles currently lives in Riverside, CA, serving as a Residence Director at Cal Baptist University. She has a passion for people and seeing lives changed through the practical application of the gospel in everyday life. Sarah loves a good cup of coffee, being active, and laughing! She is thrilled to be a part of this league.


When Jesus Stood Up For Me

Jesus was speaking to me and my value as a woman. Jesus used these words to look me in the soul and say, “I value you. You are a delight to me. I look at you with adoring eyes. Come here and stop striving.”


Veggies for Dinner

When we don’t get something that we’ve prayed for, what does the enemy want us to believe? God doesn’t want you to be too happy. He hasn’t been paying much attention to you lately. You’ve messed up a lot in your past. Fill in the blank with your own personal lie that you struggle with.


ONE WORD: Refuge

But even if you somehow DO master meal planning, get married/have kids “on time,” or (fill in the blank where you would love to succeed), social media will not relent. It will find another area where you aren’t enough. Come sit behind the walls of God’s refuge, where you can breathe deeply and be you. He sees beyond your unfinished meal plan calendar, your weight loss goals that haven’t been met, or your Eharmony inbox that is empty. You are loved by Him and enough for Him.


The God I Can’t Surprise

The greatest desire of every human heart is to be known, understood, and loved…We were given that desire by the only One who could truly fill it – our Creator who also offers Himself to us as Father.

wrong role

Cast in the Wrong Role

I’ve had months (probably years) of subconsciously “waiting” for my desired life to show up, secretly frustrated that God hasn’t given me the role I dreamed of playing as a 20-something.


Feeling Alone in a Crowd

Have you ever felt completely alone and isolated? I’m not sure there is anyone who hasn’t felt the stabbing pain of isolation. It can come like a crashing wave when you wouldn’t expect it. Perhaps things are going well in your life and you can’t find a reason to feel alone, yet you do. Maybe you’ve taken a step of faith in obedience to God and now you feel like He has abandoned you.

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How I Found Comfort in the Cross

In the summer of 2009, I was walking through the bookstore at Mount Hermon Conference Center, skimming the shelves to look for a new read. I saw the book, Comforts from the Cross, and didn’t recognize the author, yet something urged me to pick it up anyway (and by “something” I mean the Holy Spirit), and glance through the pages. My eyes came to a halt when I read a portion of a prayer she had used to conclude a chapter…


How to Stomach Humble Pie

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of “humble pie.” I haven’t been asking for any, nor wanting seconds and thirds, yet I’ve been finding myself being forced to eat it! Whether it is through conversations that leave me feeling foolish, giving into that pesky sin (again), or someone calling me out, I’ve seen more of my flesh than I’ve wanted to lately!


When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

“…train yourselves to be godly. Bodily training is of some value; godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the life to come.” 1 Tim. 4:8 Don’t roll your eyes just yet. This post isn’t the typical exhortation that typically goes with this verse, “Put your quiet times above your work…

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Overcoming Your Identity Crisis

In my current role as a Residence Director I’m put into many weird and uncomfortable situations when I meet with students in my office. I’ve shaken my head at stupidity and laughed at silly rationales that I believed when I was also an 18 year-old freshman. I’m usually left trying to convince the student to…

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