Articles by Paige Harris

Paige Harris

Paige is a nature enthusiast who enjoys the beauty and simplicity of good conversations and long walks. She is a fourth grade teacher who lives for strong cups of coffee, bear hugs, journaling, and camping.


One Word: Shalom

God cares about urban decay and slum housing. Shalom invites me into genuine sacrifice, relationship, and advocacy. Shalom says my neighbors’ burdens and concerns are my own.


Taking Back My Thought Life

am fiercely introverted. I often find myself drifting to the corners of my mind – pondering ideas, meditating on scripture, revisiting conversations, and making observations. I also delight in creating engaging lesson plans, dreaming up dinner menus, and planning weekends with loved ones. These are good things. But my mind can also be a place…


A Life Full of Thanks {Thanksgiving}

When practiced, gratitude uplifts the individual expressing thanks and the person who receives the gift of thanks. I deeply believe this flow-on effect has power to create bonds, strengthen relationships, and promote peace and joy. I am forever changed by the power of thanks.

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