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Meghan Alanis

Meghan Alanis has a heart for men and women that struggle with Anxiety and Depression. Her lengthy battle with both of those molded her into the woman she is today, living in freedom from that bondage. Another chapter of her story includes growing up as the daughter of a Police Officer and recently the Lord has put on her heart to grow a ministry for families of first responders of all kinds. Meghan lives in California with her husband Matt and their beautiful daughter Ava. She prays her transparency and authenticity of her love for Christ and the Gospel will speak through her story and meet others exactly where they are. To contact her for speaking engagements please feel free to contact us on the "About Us" page.


Dare To Live Greatly

What would it look like if we raised a generation of kids who just knew in their soul that they – not what they do or produce – are enough. That’s it, just them.


Can My Past Help Shape Your Future?

As sisters in Christ, isn’t there power in sharing our stories with one another? Isn’t God glorified when we share our journeys of redemption with those that are still looking for freedom? Yes, boldness and massive amounts of vulnerability are required to share your past struggles with present listeners, but there is grace and freedom that comes with your words.


The Fight Against Discontentment {Thanksgiving}

To live a life aware of God and all he has given you, even in the hard times, is a place I long to be. Free from bondage with eyes fixed on Him, serving and loving those around me, and prepared for the battle that Satan sets before me, knowing full well I am equipped with the armor of God.


What If I Make the Wrong Decision?

But then I think there is irrational fear. Fear that is overwhelming and keeps us from living our lives, that leaves us feeling suffocated. And I just can’t help but think that when we succumb to the power of this fear that we lose all opportunity to honor God. When the fear of failure is stronger than our faith, or the fear of the unknown outweighs our hope in Him, who wins?



As this word kept coming to my heart and mind, I couldn’t stop thinking of how it gets thrown around in so many different circles. When you ask a beauty queen at a pageant whIMG_0045at she wishes for, you can almost always expect to hear, “World Peace.” (Miss Congenitally reference? Anyone?) Or when you drive around at Christmas time you can almost always see, “Peace on Earth” displayed in the yards of your neighborhood. I hear this word often, but have I ever stopped to reflect on its meaning? Its significance? Have I ever really experienced peace in life?


But God…Why?

Oh how I desire to come before the Lord, humbly submitted and poor in spirit, but in the wake of loss I was stuck in the cycle of searching for the “Why” of it all. I was grasping for some sort of control and wanted my God to show up and explain himself. But where did that lead me? Absolutely nowhere.

From Battle to Battle

From Battle to Battle

Dark vs. light. Good vs. Evil. Lies vs. Truth. Why do I always feel like I’m in a battle? Fighting for what is right, or just, or holy?

There was a time in my life when I felt like the lies I believed about myself were given a megaphone to shout at me with and the truth that could set me free was no louder than a whisper in my ear. I so desired to live in the beauty of God’s truth, but the shackles of lies were too strong to break.


The Rollercoaster of Life

On the rollercoaster of life, sometimes you find yourself on a corkscrew or loop-de-loop that you didn’t see coming. A time when God says, “Ok. I love you, and you’re going to be all right, but it’s time to put up or shut up all that you’ve been preaching.”

anxious girl

How Christians Find Hope For Anxiety

Many people fall into the trap of anxiety, yet the majority of us suffer in silence, longing for the hope of freedom. As our worries and doubts marinate in the darkness of our lives, Satan grabs a foothold and off they grow. Often our fears grow so fast we feel like we have lost all faith in the strength of our Savior.

Here is my story of finding freedom from the entanglement of anxiety.

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