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Lisa Bridgen

Lisa Bridgen lives in Clovis and spends her day loving hundreds of high school students as a Teacher Librarian in Fresno Unified. She desires to see women of all ages be women of God and not of the world, to seek His face not the approval of others and to love Jesus and others deeply! She is mildly in love with all things coffee, including having wonderfully deep conversations about Jesus and life while holding a cup! She also has a love of exclamation points and she’s not ashamed of it!!!!

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One Word: Good

Why do we continue to allow ourselves to be seen by our own goodness instead of allowing others to see His grace and mercy and love through our brokenness?

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The Biblical Woman is Not Defined by Marriage

A few months ago, I was attending a friend’s fall party and met a fantastic couple. While in conversation about life and filling them in on my oh-so-deprived relationship status, the man asked me a profound question, “So are you an independent woman, or just a woman?” Trying not to make the astonishment that was in my head evident on my face, I replied…

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For the Recovering Good Girl

I remember that feeling so vividly, the feeling of anger welling up inside because how could they do that, how could someone I know sin so badly and make such a stupid mistake. I remember feeling if they loved Jesus they should have never made that mistake, never made that choice. But also feeling bitter because they were the ones getting all of the attention, all of the support and I, the good girl, was getting nothing. That there was nothing for me so I needed to try hard and do better.


Disfigured Self-Image

I just looked at the clock and it is after 2 A.M. and I am wide-awake. I’m not sure if you have ever had those moments when you feel like God is just trying to speak to you or wants you to do something so you can’t sleep until you do it. Well tonight seems to be one of those nights. Being new to this amazing panel of writers on Self Talk Gospel, I have been debating on how much to share or how personal to get but again, when you feel God tugging at your heart to do something, you need to do it.

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Checked Off and Checked Out

If you’re like me, every time the New Year rolls around, you make a beautifully organized list of the to-dos you want to accomplish for the year to come. Most of which are overflow from the previous year and year before that and are accompanied with a few new ones to fill the spaces of the ones completed. It seems to be the one time of year that I really focus on what I am doing with my life and what I want to accomplish. Maybe it’s because I can’t turn on the T.V. or get on any type of social media without hearing or seeing the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions.” My lists are always filled with things I want to do, places I want to travel and, of course, things that I think God wants me to accomplish.

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