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Lacy lives with her husband, Aaron, in Austin, Texas with their two fur children, Dolby and Daisy. A true “calitexan” they have recently transplanted to Austin on a crazy journey only a novel could explain. Lacy has worked in entertainment on the performance and business side before entering education as an elementary school teacher. She currently serves as an Instructional Technology Specialist for Manor ISD and is constantly twitching from not being in a classroom. She loves seeing her passion for connecting women to discipleship and mentorship mesh with her work with integrating technology to the classroom as a platform for creating equitable environments in underprivileged communities.

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Why Jen Hatmaker Ruined My Life

Editor’s Note: This article is part of the Impressed series. Be sure to follow the rest of the series HERE. I was so impressed by Jen Hatmaker’s 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess that I immediately started reading her prequel Interrupted on a trendy train trip to visit my sister in San Diego. During which, some…

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Moving From Affluence to Affliction

I had wanted so badly to be destructive and this was my moment. I took my world market coffee bowl and with gusto clanked it on my granite countertops, shattering everywhere. I was stuck with an Egyptian army behind me and the Red Sea in front.

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This One’s for the Girls: An #ifgathering Encore

We Pinterest together making magic of mason jars and some burlap. We leave our blessed husbands home to brave whatever a diaper may hold so we can enjoy a glass of wine in peace and quiet (which is not at all what happens when a group of women get together). We bare our feet together in solidarity to beautify our most vulnerable parts (a true friend would never judge your toes after all). We swap the nitty-gritty of our birth narratives. We pass the hours with our stroller derby friends over some latte therapy. We care for and nurture each other by swapping dressing room pictures in hopes of an affirmation made from multiple exclamation points all caps #hotmama. And yet we feel so…

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The Salt Theology

“You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.”

I’ve heard this verse about being salt and light and get a bit curious if I’ve lost my sense of taste for this verse because I’ve had it so often. What does it truly mean to be salt?

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Why Great Expectations Aren’t Always So Great

It was not quite December 1 and my Facebook status read, “I’m feeling sick, I think I’ll throw up Christmas ALL OVER MY HOUSE #dontjudgeme #joytotheworld #takeitruss.” I airplayed Christmas songs, twirling about with glitter falling from my tree without a care in the world. My justification was, traditionally I “throw up” Christmas after too…


When You Don’t Have The “It” Factor

We live in an age that thrives on vision and is fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit…of everyone else. The current message to Christian women uses words like empowered, connected, generation, legacy, justice, future, change, and every time I hear them I get more and more insecure. Like a broken record, I allow lies to replace…

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