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Kimberly lives in Salem, Oregon, where she tolerates the rain but dreams of returning to the California sunshine. She hopes that her vulnerability in writing will encourage others and point readers to Christ. When she’s not reading, writing, or learning to play the banjo, she’s spending time with her husband, Sam, and their daughter, Ellery, or watching her cats chase a laser pointer.

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How to Stop Waiting For Your Life to Begin

If I’m not careful, I often play the “I’ll be happy when” game. Throughout my life, there have been different criteria I’ve set for when I’m allowed to be happy. Right now my struggle is, “I’ll be happy when we move somewhere else.” Five years ago, my repeated phrases were, “I’ll be happy when I get engaged,” and “I’ll be happy when I finish my degree,” and “I’ll be happy when I get a real job.” For everyone it’s different.

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Saying No to Self-Pity

My husband and his employees went out to dinner last night after work, and he invited me to join them – along with our six month-old baby. (One of the cons of living a state away from any grandparents is the lack of free babysitting at a moment’s notice.) Nevertheless, I was looking forward to…

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Words to Live By

“When she speaks, she has something worthwhile to say, and she always says it kindly.” Proverbs 31:26 The above verse? It doesn’t describe me. I desperately hope that someday it will, but to be honest, it will only happen with lots of work and the grace of God. I want to be that woman that…

How to Fight for Peace of Mind

“You are so high-maintenance.” “You’re too sensitive.” Two examples of opinions I’ve been trained to believe about myself.  They were words carelessly said long ago by others, offhand observations that have been embedded deep within my heart.  They are things I’ve regarded as true; negative thoughts that have held me captive, encouraging me to believe…

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