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Katrina Sherfield

Katrina is from Clovis, Ca and her primary job is being a wife (of almost 10 years) and mommy to a young girl and even younger boy. She also has the pleasure of being on staff part-time at The Well Community Church, where she serves administratively as her two passions collide (helping people see Jesus & organizing). If completing checklists could be considered a hobby it would be hers, and close behind would be helping people find freedom from anxiety (which she suffered from for many years) and financial freedom (just another one of her strange hobbies). She usually writes blog posts in her head but is looking forward to putting more of them down on paper, to hopefully encourage others as she processes life.


The Disease To Please

There are lots of good yeses, some great yeses, but God has created you for a purpose that’s unique to you—that’s your best yes. My biggest takeaway from this book is understanding that not every yes is my yes.

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A Daring Question Each One Of Us Must Ask

There is no doubt that my highest calling right now is to be a God-honoring wife and raise up my kids in a Godly manner. No doubt. I don’t have to pray about that calling to see if that’s really what God has for me. I have made covenants and am a mom and so I am called.

But I feel restless.


Living an Accidental Life

If you saw my calendar right now you might mistake it for a rainbow that threw up on my computer screen. I love to plan and organize and set goals and overall I would say those things are a positive side to my personality. But the positive could easily turn negative.

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