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Katie Demanby

Katie went to school for 17 ½ years to receive a bachelors degree in social work. The titles she bares that she is most proud of are Babe, Momma, friend, sister and redeemed child of the most high God. She enjoys a good read, old things, action movies, avocados, strips, dating her husband, and Mexican food. Katie spends her days practicing sight words, throwing wiffel balls and feeding little mouths. She is momma to Logan, Luke and Ethan and wife to Travis. Her words will not always be the most eloquent but promises they will be honest. Katie’s most thankful that the Lord calls her His and is passionate about living that truth daily.


Wreck Me

It happened. I said it out loud for no one else to hear but the Lord and myself. On Sunday, February 2nd, in Austin Texas, I said the words with tears streaming down my face. With a fully surrendered heart for the first time in my life I said it and I meant it.

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Happy Family

My life isn’t perfect. I don’t feel happy all the time. There are plenty of times that I raise my voice with my children and feel shame. Or I don’t meet my husband’s expectations, or worse yet, disrespect him with my words and actions, and I feel guilt. Happy Family? My happy is challenged all the time in the little and the big things. Things like miscarriages, surgeries, disobedient children or betrayal. But I do find an enormous amount of joy in my life. Why?

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