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Jessica Visser is the wife of a third generation dairy farmer and mommy of five. After teaching 1st grade for a few years, Jessica became a full time mom when the Lord chose to bless them with children. She now spends her days at the dairy with her 2 boys while her 2 daughters attend a local Christian school where Jessica volunteers much of her time. As the mommy of 5 children the Lord has gifted her with the task of raising 4. Her oldest son went to be with the Lord in 2007 when he was just 8 weeks old. The Lord continues to show His goodness to the Visser family and Jessica is humbled by the opportunity to testify to God’s faithfulness in her life. To contact her for speaking engagements please feel free to contact us.


A New Kind Of Conversation {Confession}

Confession is often our practice of admitting sin to God or to each other, which is what freaks us out. But it isn’t just that. Confession is telling the truth…which also freaks us out. Some truths are easy to tell, while others are scary. And telling the truth isn’t always about revealing sin. Sometimes it is just speaking honestly about how we feel, or admitting that we don’t “have it all together,” or that we just aren’t sure what God’s up to–or if He’s up to anything at all.

wailing wall

What Israel Taught Me About Peace

Over the last handful of years writing has been therapeutic and healing through my deepest sorrow and grief, and yet for some reason, well, for lots of reasons, writing has seemed impossible. Even in my most inspired moments my brain and heart and fingers have seemingly been members of an entirely different human body. But today there seems to be a glimmer of light in the shadows and so I’ll tap away on these keys and give you a little looksee into my heart. Read on if you dare.

redeemed future

Biblical Womanhood and Redeeming The Future

When your life takes a turn you didn’t expect, when you find yourself in the middle of circumstances that don’t seem promising, stay the course sweet sister. Let’s follow Ruth’s example and press on in faith. Lets be women who on our best days and on our worst, look to the unknown of the future and smile, because we know and trust in a God who always has His glory and our redemption in mind.

repentance over glory

Choosing Repentance Over Glory

Accomplishing my long list of chores rarely gets me any recognition praise or glory. In fact these to-dos are expectations. They are in my job description, what I signed up for, what my role is in our family. But I admit, I often feel unappreciated, unnoticed and taken for granted. And I deserve to be thanked. Or do I?

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Melting A Heart of Stone

I’m not sure how it starts, or what triggers the response. Sometimes I can pinpoint the moment when a shift takes place. But then other times the process has begun without me even knowing and I’m in so far I can’t remember how I even got there. How is it that we move from teachable to rebellious? From tender to tough, from vulnerable to defensive? One moment we are open, full of spirit and life and freedom and the next we are bound up in chains of unrest, flesh and self.

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God’s Solution to Human Resolution

As this new year begins I can’t help but replay the past year and make a mental list of what I wish I had done, what I wish I hadn’t done and the time I wasted. I can get so caught up in fixing myself according to the truth I’ve created, that I neglect to…

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Trading an Ordinary Life for an Extraordinary Legacy

I love history.  Things that took place long before my existence are affecting my life today and impacting our society, our country, our schools, our homes. Stories of days past are still relevant, are apart of our culture and in many ways are used to shape current decisions that will play their part in the…

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Joy in Suffering

Last month my family and I celebrated Kade’s 6th glory day. Six years of beholding glory unexplainable, peace beyond understanding, joy beyond measure. I love imagining my boy in the presence of the Lord, his little voice singing hosanna at the top of His lungs, his hands lifted high in praise, his eyes reflecting the…


Dying To Live

“I am so glad I live in a world with Octobers”
~Anne of Green Gables

This quote hangs in my home on a piece of tattered wood, a picture of a beautiful baby boy in the corner, his deep blue eyes a perfect match to his little denim jacket, his stalky frame and chunky cheeks, proof of his hearty appetite. This gift from my dearest friend is a treasure, which now captures that which my heart longs to communicate. She created it for me because she understands the emotion that swirls around in my heart this time of year. She understands because she was there that day.

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