Articles by Jerrod Rumley

A 2001 graduate of Oklahoma State, Jerrod traveled 1,500 miles with his wife, Jen, to move to Fresno in 2006. Since then, he has held many roles at The Well, including Teaching Pastor and Campus Pastor. He has a degree in Family Relations and Child Development, and a Master’s degree from Western Seminary. He loves people, laughing, movies and sports, and his greatest joy – proclaiming the glory of Christ. He has been married to Jen since 2002 and they have four boys: Cooper, Tyler, who is with the Lord, Sawyer and Beckham.

Bible Study

Why We Read Our Bibles {Bible Study}

I needed God in those Bible study moments to soften me to see the WHO and not the WHAT from those chapters. In the end, I felt so encouraged to see that God is continually revealing Himself to us through His Word, and helping us to know Him in deeper ways.

worried man

Shalom, the World, and my Sweaty Pits

I worry. And when I say worry, I mean I can be anxiety ridden with the best of them. I get sweaty pits, increased heart rate, and stomach aches that keep me up at night. I want to crawl down into a bunker and just hide it out. Those moments feel like storms, and I just want them to magically blow away. I want them to be over. Chances are you have been there too.

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