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Jen Ratzlaff is a wife and mother of three who currently resides in Clovis, California. She devotes her time to her family and her home, and to trying to figure out what it means to follow Jesus. Jen is moved by the power of God’s Word to change lives, and desires to pass it on. Her life-blood is coffee, and she loves a good biography and a comfy chair.


Bringing Life or Causing Strife

Never has a blank page tormented me as much as this one. Biblical womanhood? This is hard. It’s difficult to think of something that is more “touchy” for women than a discussion of what femininity from the Bible means.


{Good Friday} Worthy Is The Lamb Who Was Slain

There is a picture from my childhood that is unlike any other. It is of my sister and I, bundled up against the bitter early Spring on an Idaho farm. We have on giant beanies, “toughskin” jeans, and pink cheeks that tell of the frigid wind. Next to us, in a sheep’s pen, is a tiny newborn lamb and its mother.

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Unsafe and sound

My husband is a manly-man. He is a car guy who loves to do doughnuts (is that what they’re called?) in a dirt field, turn a corner fast and make the kids scream. When our three kids were little, we moved into a community with a big dip in the road on the undeveloped backside. The manly-man, of course, would speed up and fly through it until we all “got air.” The kids screamed with delight, as I screamed with terror and foreboding.


Lift Your Eyes Up

Mothers of multiple children, do you remember juggling an infant, toddler, and perhaps a preschooler into various car seats, wondering why you ever thought caring for one baby was hard? Are you a mother of three? Don’t talk to the mom who has six, because you can hear them roll their eyes at your measly, three-kid hassle. That’s nothing!

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A Plea to the Dear De-churched

  I know it’s been awhile since you have come.   There are so many reasons why gathering with Christians fell off of your to-do list.   They asked too many questions.  They didn’t talk to you at all.  They were offensive.  Hypocrites.  They didn’t care.  They were nosy.  The music was wrong.  The pastor wore a…

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God’s Deep, Deep Love is For You

One of the first things you learn as a child growing up in a Christian home is to sing “Jesus Loves Me.” This I know. For the Bible tells me so! It sounds simple enough. That should be easy to get, right? But somewhere along life’s journey, things get complicated. Bad things happen. Friends are…

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Fearless and Faithful

This month marks a milestone birthday in my life.  Because I do not like the sound of this birthday, it will be henceforth be referred to as “the birthday that shall not be named”.  I will tell you that it rhymes with “sporty”.  The birthday cards associated with this day can be summed up with…


When Knowing Your Bible is Not Enough

  I have known my Bible as long as I can remember.  I grew up a “pastor’s kid” who spent most of my waking hours in church.  There was Sunday School, Children’s Church, VBS, and Wednesday Night Church.   When my parents became missionaries overseas, we attended a Missionary Kid School.   This resembles Christian School, but…

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