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Jenny Plumb

Jenny is a Californian who loves to soak up the sunshine. She believes that God’s love transforms everything. She is a wife, mom to three, crafter, homeschooler, teacher, traveler, and vintage junk collector. That thing you took to Goodwill? She bought it. Her husband is a pilot, the man of her dreams, and the reason she gets to travel the world a lot.


The Wrestling for Silence {Prayer}

The simple prayer of silence means a naked intent of desire stretching out towards God. It is not a prayer of petition, but rather the practice of sitting in His presence; embracing and worshipping God for who He is alone, for his own sake, not for what gifts He has to offer. It is simply a desire for God and for loving God alone because He is a God of love. In my practice of this form of prayer, I have discovered it to be the most powerful prayer of all.

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Slow Down the Season

The great lie at Christmas is that one needs to do all the “things” to make it meaningful and purposeful. What is it exactly that is ESSENTIAL to Christmas? In Isaiah 30:15 we hear, “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” The only essential at Christmas is an invitation to experience our Lord’s presence; no more or less.

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