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Jennifer Boudreau

Jennifer is an eclectic adventurer and aspiring poet. Fresno native, she attended Azusa Pacific University to pursue her passion for writing and art, discovering a love for the humanities and outdoor adventure along the way. She currently resides in Bass Lake, where she works as a Writing & Social Media Marketing Intern for Summit Adventure, an outdoor ministry. She most enjoys spending her time with friends and family, going surfing or rock-climbing, eating homemade pizza, working on her creative writing project, or surrounding herself with her favorite music.


Keeping Faith While In Despair

Finally. A lover of wisdom and member of the Christian faith who could tell me that the authenticity of my faith didn’t depend on how I felt before I went to bed at night, or how I felt during worship at church. That my choosing faith is what mattered, as opposed to depending on whether or not I felt like I had faith.

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