Articles by Jayne Fossett

Jayne is passionate about seeing lives changed through the truth of the Gospel. She is the North Campus AM Connections Director at The Well Community Church and loves being able to help people find how they fit within the Body of Christ. Her favorite activity during the week is volunteering as a High School life group leader because she gets to love on students and be an embarrassingly loud fan at their sporting events.

one generation

It Takes One Generation

Our church recently finished reading Judges and what we saw over and over, and what is even said at the end of the book, was that “everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25 NASB). When I read that, it seems eerily familiar. Familiar because that is true of the culture and mindset that we live in today. “Should I sleep with my boyfriend? Well, it seems like the right decision and he might dump me if I don’t, so sure.” “Should I say a crude joke to hang with the homies? I mean, it will make them laugh, and they’ll accept me and of course I want to be accepted, so I think I’ll do it.” “Do I gossip with my girlfriends about Jenny? Pointing out her flaws make me feel better about myself. But I make sure to end it with “bless her heart.” That totally makes it okay.” And the cycle continues. We do what is right in our eyes. We take matters into our own hands and don’t seek our All-Knowing Father for guidance.


When More Isn’t Best

I’m not sure about you, but my life is busy! It’s wonderful and filled with so many great things, even things that increase my knowledge of Christ, but just about every minute is slotted with something. The Lord has been reminding me that even when I’m in a bunch of Bible studies, serving in just…

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