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Jacob Ellis

Jacob Ellis is a fifth year Kinesiology – Exercise Science student at Fresno State in the Smittcamp Family Honors College. Over four years ago, as an atheist, he would have denied the possibility of any involvement with Christ’s Church. He has been blessed with the pain-filled yet joyful experience of finding the knowledge, forgiveness and grace of God, the supernatural reconciliation with those he’s wronged, and most of all an intimate relationship with the One who died so that he could live. Jacob is on staff at The Well Community Church as the Connections Admin. He has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of God’s movement to bring broken people into a closer relationship with Himself. Outside of work and school he enjoys rock climbing, drinking coffee, and over-thinking simple things.


Vulnerable Before the Throne {Solitude}

Like most of our culture, I am hyper-sensitive to stimuli. If I am not highly stimulated I cannot function. To sit alone in silence requires discomfort…Yet we forget that God often speaks in the silence, solitude, and the waiting.


The Folly of a One-Man Army

A majority of people in our American church culture cannot relate to my testimony. I wasn’t raised in the church. I didn’t take my parents faith and “make it my own.” I didn’t attend bible studies, youth group, or Hume Lake summer camps. I placed my faith in Jesus Christ just over two-and-a-half years ago. My Paul-like experience of our Savior has transformed me from a misguided, angry, abusive atheist into a humble evangelist with a zeal for making much of the Messiah that has made the most of me.

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