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Dave Obwald

I am a child of the one true King who has redeemed and is continuing to redeem all the broken pieces of my life and teach me who he is and what life is like. I have a passion for the restoration of people and see God’s pleasure the most when he allows me to enter in with his love and power in broken places. I am married to an amazing woman named Erin who has taught me more about life than any other human being and we have the joy of raising 4 soon to be 5 fantastic kids, 3 bio and 2 adopted. I love all kinds of sports, reading, and love being in any body of water.


How to Walk in the Freedom of Christ

What she was saying was that there was no shame, and those thoughts of fear have been paid for by Jesus. But, He also wants not just forgiveness for our hearts and minds but freedom by turning and walking in a new direction. His desire for us is peace and abundant life.


Exposing Darkness to Light {Confession}

Fear is a big deal in my life. Being fully known by God, my wife, and others terrifies me. What if they see all my darkness and reject me? But over the last three years of walking in ongoing light through confession with the Lord, my wife, and others, I have learned that I can experience true fellowship and deeper understanding. When I am real with Jesus, He reminds me that His blood, not my goodness, has covered me. He loves me, not some future better version of me.

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