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:: Wife | Mother | Writer :: Beth Nicoletto serves as the Co-Founder of Self Talk the Gospel and is passionate about shepherding and challenging others to continually grow in their relationships with the Lord. Most importantly, you must know that Beth will only eat a PB&J if it has potato chips inside. There’s really no other way. You can also find her writing over at She is married to Garrett and they have one daughter, Gia, and a son arriving late November 2015.

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5 Reasons I Should’ve Been Born a Man

In moments like these I turn to scripture to help me bring truth to the matter, and what I found is that womanhood is more than what the media says it is – in fact, it is also more than what most Christian women these days make of it. In a more unconventional approach, and simply from a worldly perspective, here are 5 reasons I should’ve been born a man, and the scripture to prove it’s actually real womanhood!

yeah, I see you

You are Seen, Loved, and Commissioned. Now Go.

Yeah, I see you come in. It’s strategically 9 minutes past and you know the lights are dimmed and people are standing and the music is blaring so when you slip in the back row, along with the others who arrive late, no one even notices you. You carry ink on your skin – you’re covered. You’ve got punctured metal in weird places, and that odor permeating through your clothes will likely give you away, but you slip in at 9 minutes past because people are distracted and hopefully no one will notice.

Yeah, but I see you.

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How can you Love what you do not Know?

I remember falling in love for the first time. The first things to catch my eye were his shoes. I know, weird, but they were sporty and I had been watching him for quite sometime. He seemed so nice and caring and I loved that about him, and just knew we would have a fun future together. He was also really cute and I loved knowing he would always look that way. I imagined what our first date, first kiss, and wedding day would be like. We would grow old together.

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What Your Self Talk May Be Missing

One day Melissa and I had a dream of creating an epicenter of biblically founded wisdom and resources for men and women that would move mountains in people’s personal lives by helping defeat the enemies of the mind. We dreamt of lives being changed, encouragement flowing through the fingers of our writers, and spiritual growth taking form.

Do You Even Want to Get Well?

There often comes a point in a person’s life where she reaches the end of her rope. She is too tired to keep going, too unmotivated to make a change, or too hopeless to move forward. Stuck. Stuck in the past, or present, or future, and reaching her darkest hour, she accepts her lot to be much less than mediocre. This becomes the “new normal” and she is numb. Okay with mediocrity. Okay with going no further. Okay with dull.


Seasons of Winter

I live in a place where the climate is considered “seasonal,” meaning, we are able to distinctly see the beauty of all four seasons. When I lived in Southern California for a brief time, I missed the fall and winter seasons of home because it only rained three weeks out of the year and was…

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Worship As A Lifestyle

Have you ever met an eternal optimist? They are incredibly refreshing. Idealists. Joyful. Happy. Content. High-Spirited. Comforting. Just typing those words brings a smile. I know a couple. They can be unequivocally draining when all I want to do is sit and sulk, but I can’t help but be desperate for their perspective. Their energy….


The Sin of Ungratefulness

en leprous men had an encounter with Jesus and begged Him for healing. He inclined, and they were miraculously healed. “One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him—and he was a Samaritan. Jesus asked, ‘Were not all…


Facing Your Closet Skeletons

I think and feel deeply. More so than the average “Jane”. As an INFJ, I’m an inch wide and a mile deep, and I like that about myself. I genuinely care about things and am a strong empathizer. All of which can be used for so much good, however, they can also bring damaging toxicity….


How Millennial Members Atrophy the Church

It is undeniable that our churches are in crises. Yes, multiple. I realize there are great things happening in many different churches around the world, to which they are an exception to my general claims here, and I do praise God for them. I hope to not discount what God is doing through those things,…

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