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Ashley Brannan

Ashley delights in the Word of God and is passionate about seeing others sink deeply in the truths of scripture for true life change, freedom, healing, reconciliation, fulfillment, purpose, and significance found in Jesus alone. She loves being a part of the church body at The Well Community Church, being a disciple of Jesus and making disciples. She works in the everyday work force, desiring to redeem work and culture with the hope of the Gospel. As an internal processor she loves being out in nature, reading, journaling, instrumental music, all things Fall and clear mug conversations.


When We Take On Too Much and Do Too Little

We are limited, finite people and when we get ensnared in the enemy’s falsehood that we are self-sufficient and self-sustaining we live as if we are all we need and do what we want to do. This autonomous mentality robs us of knowing the Sufficient One and His intended way of life. Our self-sustaining efforts hinder us from truly breathing life with gratitude and acknowledgment for the One who sustains us.

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When Their Lives Look Better

“Why? I don’t get it.” These are words I often hear as I look into tear-filled eyes, muttered when I listen to that hurting voice over the phone. And I often don’t have words, but I have the Word.

Have you ever looked at someone’s life and compared it to what yours looks like? Envied theirs? Been jealous or felt forsaken? We can always question the “why” to seasons and circumstances of life.

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The Biblical Woman is a Helper

For many Christian women, a prolonged season of singleness becomes a holding place, while waiting for that desire to be a wife. It can feel unfair if there is a desire/design from God to be that helper yet He has not given you the season of marriage to live that out. But it can be in the context of your life now, for those around you and not something on hold, passively waiting as time and lives pass you by.


Becoming an Instrument in the Maker’s Hands

Pain and suffering are inevitable in this life. How we walk through those is another matter.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all give “counsel” – trying to interpret and figure out life. There is a danger to the source of our counsel – from ourselves, our experiences, from others or through the truth, hope, and power of Jesus our Redeemer.

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What Do I Have to Offer?

What do I have to offer? Have you ever wondered that?

This question often echoes from the haunted walls in my life. What do I have to offer?

If you’ve read through the pages of scripture it doesn’t take you long to see what people the Lord chose to use – the lowly, outcast, unexpected, inadequate, under qualified, ordinary… do I need to go on? We get it. We can see that God loves using the ordinary to display something extraordinary. I think our nature often desires to feel adequate, qualified, useful, even extraordinary.

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I Shall Not Want

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. I shall not want. When I read Psalm 23 I stop there: I shall not want (ESV). I shall not be in want (NIV). There is nothing I lack (HCSB).  I have all that I need (NLT). I shall not lack (AMP). Why do I often…


Keeping Your Faith Aflame

Dear wavering heart – weary traveler, Trust in the unchangeable, unconquerable, immoveable, irremovable, unwavering, untiring, unflinching love of God! [box] For your nearness Lord I hunger. For your nearness Lord I wait. For your nearness I am hoping. For your nearness Lord I long. In your nearness there is healing. What was broken now made…

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Who’s Looking To You?

Who’s looking to you? For answers, guidance, counsel, leadership, provision, etc. We all have someone looking to us at some point, in some context. A child looking for attention or more of something. A friend looking for guidance, for time, for help. A coworker, employee, or boss looking for direction, vision, assistance, answers, deadlines, goals….

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