Are You Ready to be Impressed…Again??

Words. When strung together into sentences, paragraphs, and pages they literally have the power to change our lives. When pages of words are gathered together into a book we are often given the rare opportunity to have our hearts and souls  i m p r e s s e d  by the stories and words of others. For a second year, we are excited to announce the commencement of our Impressed series, where our contributors are sharing with you some books that have shaped and made an impression on them right where they were at. Over the next few weeks you will be given the opportunity to read snippets, hear stories, and share in the vulnerability of our fabulous writers as they explore many different books from different genres. Whether we’re introducing you to them for the first time, or they are old classics, you are in for a treat and we hope you enjoy.


Get ready to compile your summer reading list! And in the mean time, check out the list of books HERE, and make sure you sign up for the book giveaway HERE. We can’t wait! See you Monday…


Occasionally, we like to post articles that we all can get behind. So rather than one author, consider this post from all of us. Enjoy!

  • http://messymiddle.com/ Amy Young

    YES!! I am ready!

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