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Welcome to Self Talk the Gospel! We are excited you are here. We are a league of humble writers who believe in the Gospel and its power to change lives. We also recognize the influence our minds have to change how we live. What we tell ourselves each day – our self talk – can fatefully become truth. The lies we continually believe distract us from preaching to ourselves the Message we’re so passionate about living. Our hope is that we have created a platform to share what the Gospel looks like to individuals who have been given the calling to speak up – not for personal gain, but for His gain. May this be a place of light to those who have been struggling in darkness for far too long. A place to find stories of souls once stuck in tragedy, brought to triumph by the renewing of the mind through His Word which draws us closer to Him. We pray our words will encourage and challenge you. We hope our own struggles and victories will empathize and normalize your journey through the battle of lies we all fight, by preaching the Gospel to ourselves everyday.


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