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Little did I know that this single, 5-letter word would be the thing God would use to transform me, inspire me, lift me and carry me through the most difficult year of my life. This would be the beginning of tracing His “glory story” in the most unexpected narrative. God has shown me this past year that Glory is the very beginning of the story and also the grand finale.

Why Choose

ONE WORD: Why Choose One Word

Three years ago I heard about choosing a word for the year and it seemed all the “cool kids” (AKA “cool bloggers”) were doing it. So I didn’t pick a word. Fast forward two months and I was asked what I was hearing from God. In that moment I faced a choice and knew I had to chose whether to put on a mask or not. With trepidation I took the mask off and God chose a phrase for the year: Renewed Joy. “Renewed Joy” was the deepest longing of my soul as I had been drifting from myself. Deeper than resolutions or goals, it anchored me and gave me hope.

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