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How to Respond When Your Faith is Tested

Right before Christmas last year I wrote about Joy. I must admit that when I wrote that blog post, our family was in a state of joy – I mean the outward kind. Our youngest daughter and her family were doing well, we were looking forward to the marriage of our oldest daughter, we would all be together for Christmas, and my husband and I had celebrated 31 years of marriage. All was right with the world. It’s not that I did not have that deep abiding joy in Christ . . . I did. But admittedly, its easier when everything in your life is lining up. We had been through many things as a family where the abiding joy in Christ had been all we had, but now, everything was going great. We were in a mountain season! As a mom, I finally felt that our daughters were settled, that any struggles they had growing up had made them strong and ready to go through life, and I had that feeling of settling in. Of stability. Of peace. Of joy on many fronts.

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