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On Being Reverenced By Humanity

Last month it was announced that the most beautiful woman in 2014, is a woman of color. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but as I listened to the news reportings on this, Lupita Nyong’o shared that her journey along the way wasn’t easy.


Discipleship: Duty or Delight?

I have long tried to stuff what God has given me because it didn’t feel right when I compared myself to other women.

Even writing this I know that my “post” compared to the others isn’t as sexy or cool. It’s on discipleship for crying out loud, and who cares about that?!

But don’t we all do this? I look at the woman who delights to cook for her family and feel like a failure. She looks at the woman who delights to lead and teach and feels like she doesn’t measure up.

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